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Why should you be concerned?


Limited natural resources are encouraging more companies to utilize recycled and blended paper to help conserve our environment.


These types of papers may be less expensive; however, they are dustier and can have costly immediate and long term negative effects in your document printing and processing center. Paper dust and paper chad cause many problems that can be solved by using the Argos WebCleaners and Aircleaner Systems!


Today, more and more companies are concerning themselves with air quality in their document printing and processing areas. In these sealed environments the air can be more than ten times dirtier than outdoors.


Air quality is being jeopardized with paper dust, toner, ozone, paper chad, and chemicals generated by high speed printers, pre/post processing equipment, and just about any other paper handling equipment you can imagine.


These pollutants are a nuisance and cause short and long term problems with both equipment and staff